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Welcome to Milan Moving company

Full-service moving company

Milan Moving Company is a premier moving company in San Francisco, California and is positioned to help you with a reliable, affordable and customer-centric moving service that’ll save you time, money and stress.

  • Affordability -Our moving services are competitively affordable and are structured to fit your budget. We give you fast quotes to enable you to get going immediately.
  • Experienced Team -Our movers are the best in the industry and have the industry experience needed to give you a top-notch moving experience.
  • Licensed & Insured -You won’t have to worry about any legal issues as we’re insured and duly licensed to offer moving services.
  • Secure & Delicate Packing and Unpacking -We’re security conscious, and we pack, move and unpack all your properties with utmost carefulness.
  • Integrity & Reliability -At Milan Moving Company, our word is our bond. We aim to turn our one-time customers into lifelong clients, and we achieve this through our integrity and reliability.
Save time and money and make your move stress-free with our premium moving service.

We understand that you may dread moving because of its critical, tedious and time-consuming nature. You want to entrust your most treasured properties, inventories and antiques to a moving service provider you can trust; a mover that’s reliable and trustworthy and is both safety and security conscious.

If this sounds like you then you need Milan Moving Company Services.

As a leading moving company in San Francisco, California, we’re proud of the reliable, trustworthy and quality services we offer you. We work with passionate and customer satisfaction oriented personnel who go the extra mile to deliver above-average moving services. Distance means nothing to us, and we don’t just pack and move boxes. We give you a moving service total package that can serve you from packing down to your settling into your new apartment. We carefully handle yours and your family’s properties to ensure every item is undamaged, safe and secure. We give you a service you can confidently call the best moving service.

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“ We would like to thanks to your crew for the excellent job they performed! I couldn’t have asked for a smoother move.”

Julia Green,

Julia Green,


“ The moving team we had were wonderful! They were extremely hard working, helpful, professional and polite.”

Dan Hoffman,

Dan Hoffman,


“ Would just like to say that the company was great to deal with. These men treated our furniture as if it was their own.”

Samantha Nicholson,

Samantha Nicholson,

Take The Stress Out Of Moving

Moving At Your Fingertips


We conduct your apartment moving in such an expert way that the project will be completed without breaking even a pin. We’ll take all the responsibilities of the hard work needed to complete the relocation without a fuss or sweat from your side.

Carpet Cleaning

Have your carpets professionally cleaned before your move. The experts will use specialized equipment to remove spots and stains, eliminate bacteria, allergens, mites etc. This carpet cleaning service will help you achieve a prolonged carpet life and improved air circulation in your apartment or office

Move In/Out Cleaning

We use modern cleaning equipment and techniques which removes more than 90% of dirt and dust without causing any harm to the underlying walls and surfaces. Move-in/out cleaning has never been this easy; thanks to our expert site cleaners and state of the art equipment. We have a reputation for our dependability and reliability, and we pay extra attention to details to ensure you get maximum customer satisfaction.

Junk Removal

Because of the critical, troublesome and tiring nature of junk disposal, you should get expert junk removal assistance from professional junk removal service providers. By handing over your waste disposal duties to the experts, you’ll be sure your junks will be appropriately disposed of.


For many years, we’ve been helping individuals, families and businesses in San Francisco, California and beyond with reliable and trustworthy moving services. We position ourselves as the moving experts to help facilitate our clients’ transition between apartments, offices, facilities, warehouses, etc.